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Essence: What’s New and Different?

In November of this year, 2014, I gave a talk on Essence at Binghamton University to a group of Computer Science students.  You can catch the highlights of Part I of the talk on YouTube.  This is a great video to watch if you want to learn what is new and different about Essence, the new software engineering Object Management Group (OMG) standard intended specifically for software practitioners.  If you don’t have time to watch the complete Part I– which is about 44 minutes– you can find a cross-reference at the end of the video to where in the video you can find the following 23 key topics:

  1. What is Essence?

  2. The Difference Between Scrum and Essence.

  3. What Does Essence Contain?

  4. Why Did We Create the Strange Alpha Word?

  5. What is Different About Essence?

  6. The Essence CARD Deck.

  7. An Example Demonstrating How Essence is NOT Waterfall.

  8. A Question About Essence Versus Scrum.

  9. How Essence Can Power Whatever Approach Your Team is Already Using.

  10. About the Problem We Are Trying To Solve With Essence.

  11. How Does a Team Use the Essence Model?

  12. How Essence Checklists Are Different.

  13. How Do Teams Apply the Essence Checklists?

  14. On the Importance of Knowing When You Are Done.

  15. A Question on How a Team Can Fall Back.

  16. On the Order You Address States, and Decisions on Checklists that May Not Apply.

  17. An Example of a Team Deciding if a Checklist is Applicable to them.

  18. On Activity Spaces.

  19. Competencies Within Essence.

  20. How to Figure Out if You Have a Leadership or a Management Competency Issue.

  21. What if a Team Can’t Meet a Checklist Item?

  22. Why Isn’t Risk an Alpha?

  23. Why is Hardware included in the Definition of the Software System Alpha?

As always, your comments and feedback are encouraged.

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