Great pick up of Semat

26 Jan 2018

Great pick up of Semat

SEMAT and the use of the Essence Kernel has started to gain traction within the wider community. This has taken many years of hard work and communication by a number of very enthusiastic individuals who understand the value of a defined common language and a practice model rather than the continuation of the method wars.

Handing over of Presidency

June Sung Park has undertaken the role of president for across these initial years while the theory of SEMAT has been spreading, chapters formed across the world and a drive for Essence to start being adopted into university courses. June has decided to step down from the role due to other commitments.

As the next phase of SEMAT will require a push into industry adaptation now is the right time to bring someone with industry knowledge to drive this forward. It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce that Ste Nadin has accepted the role of President of

Ste Nadin: new President of Semat

Ste is the Business and Applications Services Chief Architect for Fujitsu in the EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) region and has served on the SEMAT advisory board for the last 2 years. Over the last few years he has been one of the technical leaders in the business and digital evolution with Fujitsu that has included the adoption towards agile and DevOps ways of working and the adaption of emerging technology trends such as AI, Analytics and IOT. He also works directly with end customers in ensuring that solutions actually deliver value over being theoretically pure.

He is a strong believer in the need to focus on achieving positive human oriented outcomes rather than just the adoption of methods and processes for the sake of it. As such he sees Essence as being a means to articulate this and drive the use of the right practices in and at the right place.



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