SEMAT and Systems Engineering

09 Feb 2014

A new book with the Preliminary Title:  "Software Engineering in the Systems Context" is on its way.  The book will be co-edited by Dr. Ivar Jacobson and Dr. Harold "Bud" Lawson.  


There are obviously both similarities and differences between Software ‘Engineering and Systems Engineering. These aspects will be exposed in the book in order to make improvements in both disciplines.  Further, it is important to bring the entire Systems domain into the forefront for today's and tomorrows Software Engineers.  Unfortunately, the vast majority have no idea about how Systems Science and Systems Thinking can be of benefit; further, they are not even aware of relevant developments in Systems Engineering.


Within SEMAT we early took a decision to limit the scope of the initial effort to software engineering.  However, many of us have also applied the Essence kernel idea in the system context as well.  The Russian Chapter of INCOSE (lead by Anatoly Levenchuk) has been working with the Russian Chapter of SEMAT to extend the Essence kernel to the systems engineering area.  Efforts of this work will be included in the book.


Please read the Invitation Letter for more details.

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