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Essence in Practice – a Revolution in Software Engineering?

26 may 2015

Essence in Practice – a Revolution in Software Engineering?


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When we formed the SEMAT (Software Engineering Method and Theory) community in 2009 we agreed to refound software engineering to resolve the many problems our industry was facing. We knew it was a long journey ahead of us. The first step on the journey was to create a missing foundation (a kernel) for the work we are doing. The initiative has got thousands of supporters around the world from virtually all camps in our field: in the industry we address the developers as well as the executives, in the academic world, teachers as well as researchers are involved. Such an initiative has never before seen the light of day: we all work to refound or revolutionize our field and to make us better, faster, cheaper and to make our customers happier.

The first step has reached its objectives: a new Essence standard adopted by OMG a year ago. Essence provides an innovative and novel user experience based on cards and game boards that are used to assess the progress and health of software development. Through gamification with cards and boards developers can enact various development games, such as planning sprints/iterations, agreeing on lifecycle models, evaluating health and progress of a project.

Essence is a super-light foundation of software engineering including elements we always have, always produce and always do. Its application allows team to work in a super agile way and it turns software development to become more of an engineering discipline than just a craft. On top of Essence organizations are now developing practices, which can be composed to form entire methodologies both for small agile teams but also for large organizations wanting to scale agile. This conference seeks to show you what many organizations have done when adopting the SEMAT approach. Speakers from companies such as MunichRe, Fujitsu, RedHat will present their experiences in using Essence. Work on new tools to create practices, build practice libraries and use practices in real life will be presented. Talks will be given on how well-known practices such as Scrum, User Stories, and Release Trains will be powered with Essence. We will show how Essence in fact is on a journey to revolutionize software engineering. And, why you should care and join that journey.

Richard Soley, the chairman of OMG and a founder of SEMAT will give a keynote on Industrial Internet and Essence, and the conference will conclude with a keynote by another founder of SEMAT Ivar Jacobson on the future of software engineering, a future in which SEMAT has played a significant role both for the industry and the academic world.



This Conference is based on the OMG Essence standard proposed by the Software Engineering Method and Theory (SEMAT) community.

Target Audience
Executives, managers, developers and agile change agents responsible for empowering software teams of different kinds to become better, faster, cheaper and happier

Essence of Software development in a deck of cards

Conference Time

Thursday June 18, 2015
9:00am – 5:00 pm

Conference Venue

Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin, Germany

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