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The book is out . . .

23 jul 2019

Books on Essence

The book The Essentials of Modern Software Engineering is out  . . .

The authors of the book are happy to tell that the book which has been worked on for 4 years is finally ready for publication.


It took consciously some time which was needed to ensure to have proper reviews and also material accompanying the book to help teach and use the book in real. Before the copyediting work started 5 drafts were written which were reviewed by increasingly more and more university teachers, actually more than 50 teachers. More than a thousand comments were received which were all treated as error reports and responded to properly. Of course, not all were dramatic but some required extensive rework. Four professors have taught their software engineering one-semester course using the book and the training material that goes with it. All four have written reports of their findings which in summary says: In the future we will teach software engineering the Essence way and not how we traditionally have taught it.

Though the authors of the book are happy to get to this state with the book, it is very sad and tragic that friend and co-author Harold “Bud” Lawson passed away June 10, just a few weeks ago after almost a year fighting against his cancer. To honor his memory every effort is made to make this book a good one.

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James colleen
In the words of Ivar, "We are liberating the essence from the burden of the whole.". Loved the book, my students are poring through it rn. SEO content writing
Publicado el día 20/05/21 16:31.