Welcome to the project ‘Software Engineering Essentialized’

22 Jun 2018

Welcome to the project ‘Software Engineering Essentialized’

Download the entire book here!


The project was initiated with the objective to refound the way we teach software engineering at the university level.

From the Preface of the book ‘Software Engineering Essentialized’ we quote:

“We have developed software for many years, clearly more than 50 years. Thousands of books and many more papers have been written about how to do it. Almost all teach one particular approach to do it, which the author thinks is the best way of getting great software; we say the author has canned his/her method. Most of them have some interesting ideas, but none can help you in all the circumstances you will be faced with when you develop software. Even the most modern books take this approach of presenting and selling “the one true way” of doing it. Unless you are a world leader with your own true way of doing it, all other top experts in the world seem to be in agreement that this is not the way to teach students software development and the engineering discipline that comes from it – software engineering.

You now have in front of you a book that will teach you modern software engineering different from how the subject has been taught since its infancy. On one hand it stands on the shoulders of the experience we have gained in the last 50 years or more. On the other hand, it teaches the subject in a universal and generic way. It doesn’t teach you one particular way of developing software, but it teaches you how to create one way of working that matches your particular situation and your needs. The resulting way of working you create is easy to learn (intuitive), easy to adopt (by a team), easy to change (as you learn more), and it is fun to work with thanks to its user experience based on games and playing cards.

It is worth repeating: The book doesn’t primarily teach you one particular way of developing great software, but it teaches you how to create such a way of working which should result in great software.“

Thus we have devoted as part of the project to write a new book intended for first year students at an academic level. The book consists of four parts, and appendix and a rich library of references. For the start you can download the entire book here!

You soon can read the book also online chapter by chapter!

However, the project is more than a book. It is also about training material for the teacher, exercises and certification and serious games to be played when developing software. This will be developed more and more and will be available as time goes by.



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